Atlanta, Georgia Chapter 13 341 Meeting of Creditors

Debtors in a Chapter 13 case are required to attend a 341 Meeting of Creditors.  About one week after you file your Chapter 13 case, the clerk of court will mail the Notice of the 341 Meeting of Creditors to you at the address that is listed on your bankruptcy petition.  You must attend this hearing and bring proof of social security number and photo identification.  It is unusual for creditors to attend this hearing.  However, the Chapter 13 bankruptcy trustee or or an attorney for the trustee in your case shall conduct the hearing.  The Chapter 13 trustee's goal is to ensure that your proposed Chapter 13 plan and payment will work.  Some of the questions that the trustee will ask you are related to income, budget, ownership and value of property, transfer of property, household size, 401(k) contribution, child support obligation, and mortgage payments.  All of these questions assist the Chapter 13 trustee in evaluating your proposed plan to repay creditors and to see if you are paying enough or even too much to the creditors based on your household income and ownership of property.  After the trustee asks the questions, s/he will issue a list of what are called "objections" to your case.  The objections are normal in any Chapter 13 case and must be cured before the court can enter an order approving your case.  Typically, these objections are resolved easily by making changes to the petition or providing requested documents.  After the Meeting of Creditors is concluded, your case will move to the next phase, which is the Confirmation Hearing. You should expect to be at the 341 meeting for about 1 hour, as there are other debtors who are on the same calendar as you.  However, your hearing lasts about 15-20 minutes.