Atlanta, Georgia Chapter 13 Post-Confirmation Modification

If you filed Chapter 13 in Georgia, then you are in a three to five year consolidation plan to repay your debts.  Your monthly plan payment is based on your income at the time you filed your case.  However, your income is likely to change over the course of three or five years.  What do you do if you lose your job while you are in a Chapter 13 case?  You do not have to panic because the court allows you to submit a modification of your original Chapter 13 case or even convert your case to a Chapter 7 bankruptcy if you have no disposable income with which to pay your debts.  The Chapter 13 modification allows you to reduce your payment based on your new income.  If you do not have any disposable income, you can convert your case to a Chapter 7 wherein you do not have to pay back unsecured debts.