Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Reaffirmation Agreements In Atlanta, Georgia

Reaffirmation agreements are contracts that allow debtors to keep property that is attached to a loan.  The most popular type of secured loan that requires a reaffirmation agreement is a car loan, but reaffirmation agreements can be signed to keep other items such as furniture, jewelry or electronics. 
In order to continue to make payments on property, a Chapter 7 bankruptcy filer must sign the reaffirmation agreement.  A reaffirmation agreement outlines the terms of the car loan or other loan and re-obligates the debtor on the note, despite the bankruptcy filing.  Thus, if a debtor chooses to sign the reaffirmation agreement, s/he must continue making timely payments in order to keep the car or other property and in order to avoid defaulting on the loan and being subject to collections.  It is advisable for debtors who cannot afford high car payments or payments on other items to surrender their cars and property instead of signing a reaffirmation agreement that they cannot afford.  When we receive reaffirmation agreements from a car or other creditor, we will send the reaffirmation agreement to our clients and advise them of the consequences of signing the agreement.