Confirmation Hearing for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Atlanta, Georgia

In a Georgia Chapter 13 bankruptcy case, a confirmation hearing is scheduled along with the 341 meeting of creditors.  The purpose of the confirmation hearing is to obtain court approval for  your Chapter 13 plan.  The Chapter 13 Trustee issues his or her objections to your Chapter 13 case at the 341 meeting, and the objections are addressed and usually resolved before or at the confirmation hearing.  Further, all creditors may object to your Chapter 13 plan, although that is not typical.  It is rare that the bankruptcy judge will get involved.  However, if you and the Trustee or you and a creditor cannot agree on a matter, the judge will hear the issue and make a decision.  The typical objections that a trustee will make include funding (not paying the plan current), request of proof of mortgage payments after you file, request of proof of student loan payments, means testing deductions, or request for proof of income.  Between the time of your 341 meeting and your confirmation hearing, these issues are normally resolved by simply making amendments to your plan and petition or providing the trustee's office with the documents requested.  At the confirmation hearing, the case will likely be confirmed, meaning that the judge will enter an order approving the Chapter 13 payment amount and proposed disbursements to creditors.  You normally do not even have to attend this hearing if all issues are resolved prior to the hearing date.  After your case is confirmed, you must keep your Chapter 13 payments current and pay any creditors who you agreed to pay directly (this is normally your mortgage and student loans) in order to ensure that your case goes smoothly.