Mobile Money Management for Those Considering Bankruptcy in Atlanta, Georgia

Take control of your finances by using your Smartphone to enter financial transactions at any time, no matter where you are in Atlanta. By using a financial application (or “app”) that supports budgeting, you will always know whether you can afford that extra latte after lunch!

Some of the most popular money management apps are:

  • Budget – Track your spending and keep to a budget while on the go. $.99
  • Invoice Robot – Create and send invoices from your mobile device. $1.99
  • My Loan Calculator – Evaluate credit card debt, fixed-rate consumer loans and student loans. $1.99
  • SplashMoney – Create a budget and monitor spending goals with budget reports and graphs. Free with subscription.
  • – Automatically enter transactions and update account balances, send real-time alerts for low account balances and send alerts of unusual spending activity. Free
  • Gift List Budget Shopper – Plan shopping trips, budget for gift giving and check out product searches from the web. $3.99

This is, by no means, a complete list of the various personal finance software programs available for mobile devices. But, whether your goal is to stick to a budget, control your spending or save money, a money management app can be a convenient way to get the job done!

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