Trustee Objections to Confirmation in Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Atlanta, Georgia

After your 341 meeting of creditors, the bankruptcy trustee in a Chapter 13 case will issue a list of "Objections to Confirmation" and may even move to dismiss your case.  The language contained in the Objections is severe and may cause you to panic, but it is typical and is normally resolved either by the parties involved or by a judge who will hear any disputes.  Some of the trustee's goal in issuing the objections are to make sure that your plan is feasible, pays enough to creditors based on the amount of your disposable income, and does not take more than 60 months to complete.  As a Chapter 13 debtor, you will probably need to help resolve the objections by providing documents such as checks showing post-petition mortgage payments, additional proof of income from pay stubs or business dealings, or any other financial documents requested.  Almost all the other possible objections may be resolved by your bankruptcy lawyer.  The sooner you are able to provide any documents requested, the sooner the objections to your Chapter 13 case can be resolved.  Assuming the objections are resolved, the Chapter 13 trustee will withdraw his or her objections at the confirmation hearing for your case.